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Story of the Flag

Our Story

Austfjord ( Aced  - Fjord) - East of the Fjords


This flag is a tribute to all Icelandic-Canadians but, was inspired through the deep respect my husband Brian Austfjord has for his Icelandic Roots.

Brian's Grandparents, Gudmundur & Gudfinna Austfjord (“ Aced “ - Fjord) Icelandic translation- East of the Fjords, a region in Iceland where his Afi , Gudmundur Jonson last stood before coming to Canada in 1903 to seek a better life in New Iceland.

Many letters were sent back and forth to Iceland telling stories of new age Sagas of the struggles that our forefathers faced pioneering this new land called Canada.

As there were many G. Jonson’s listed at local Post Offices, his Afi chose to change his name to Austfjord in memory and honour of his homeland “ Heimaland” at Tokastadir in the East Fjords.

Gudmundur met  Gudfinna Ogmundsdottir on the ship that crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Canada and were married in the New Land. They travelled and lived in North Dakota, to Hnausa, Arborg and finally settled in Mickley, Hecla Island and here with pioneering spirit they built their Home and raised their family with deep traditions of Iceland and a promising and prosperous life in Canada.

First generation Icelandic Canadian was born, Brian's Father, Ogmundur Sigurdur Austfjord, “ Siggi “ grew up on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. It was in Hecla that Siggi  later met and married Vilhjalmina Sigurgeirson “ Wilma” daughter of  (Amma and Afi) Emma and Helgi Sigurgeirson, another family of great pioneers that helped shape this country.

Siggi  a skilled carpenter and craftsman building many fishing skiffs on Lake Winnipeg. A talent passed on to his son Brian Helgi Gudmundur Austfjord, to which he is very proud to bear their names as a second generation Icelandic Canadian and too was raised in the rich culture and history of Iceland.

Brian & Donna have raised their children to honour and respect our early ancestors that have given us our great country of Canada and to always be proud of our Icelandic Heritage.


Display the Icelandic-Canadian Flag for all our generations of Proud Icelandic Canadians.

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